PLB International


A family business with exceptional attention to your pets

Meet our PLB family

PLB International, manufacturer of premium dog and cat food, always aspires to build a team of experts in each of its services to carry out its various projects. The quality of his large family reflects the quality of the products and services it offers across the oceans.

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  • Jocelyn Brasseur


    "My pride is to lead a team of talented people who helped build a strong international business by integrating partners in our PLB family."

  • Jean Brasseur

    Vice President - Development

    "Each day I have the privilege of being surrounded by passionate teams willing to go beyond the call of duty!"

  • Jacinthe Brasseur


    "I love the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and extraordinary Partners worldwide. I am privileged to have developed lasting relationships with them."

Human Resources

  • Francine Champoux

    HR Director

    "In a context where the human is at the heart of the organization, I can share the values that I care for over 20 years and contribute to the evolution of PLB."


  • Maral Zerdelian

    Sales Director - International

    "PLB values and recognizes the values and positive attitudes that we bring to the company. I would not have believed that I would reach this level of leadership !"

  • Michel Demers

    Sales Director - International & Private Labels

    "PLB is the producer of the best pet food in the world for dogs and cats! I am proud to grow in all its markets and learn every day!"