Serving Animals

We Are Present in the Communities

Since 1992, PLB International has been committed to feeding animals from partner shelters such as the SPA, through its 1st Choice Nutrition brand. This initiative aims to offer a better quality of food to animals in transition to their new home, giving them a greater chance of finding a forever home. Our collaboration with these shelters demonstrates our dedication to animal welfare and our desire to contribute to their health and happiness.

Safe Havens

Shelters, such as the SPA, are key players in the protection and welfare of companion animals. These organizations play a crucial role in the community by providing a safe and secure haven for abandoned, lost or abused animals.

In addition to providing temporary housing for animals, shelters also work to rehabilitate them by providing veterinary and behavioral care, socializing them and teaching them essential skills to enable them to find loving, permanent families.

Awareness-Raising Above All

Animal shelters play a crucial role in raising community awareness of essential issues such as spaying and neutering to control the animal population. Indeed, their mission is not limited to offering temporary shelter to animals in distress, but also aims to promote a healthy and humane community for all living beings. 

Through their work and commitment to animal protection and welfare, shelters help create a better world for our four-legged friends.

PLB International supports several shelters through supervised partnerships with the SPA de l’Estrie, Proanima, SPA de Québec and many others.

We are proud to financially support animal shelters. It is a privilege for us to work in partnership with organizations whose noble mission is to improve the lives of animals. We believe that our social involvement is a key element of our business, and we are determined to continue supporting animal shelters in their important work.

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