Our factory

Our manufacturing facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment rival the most modern plants in the industry.

A tightly controlled environment

When it comes to food safety, we make no compromises. It’s what makes our reputation and enables us to export to many international markets where standards are among the most demanding and strict.

From the outset, a highly controlled environment is put in place to achieve our high standards of quality and safety. No one is allowed to enter our facilities without respecting the dress and hygiene code established by the HACCP principles.

No compromise

From the receipt of raw materials, through the extrusion process, bagging, palletizing and warehousing, to the delivery of our products, numerous control points are put in place (HACCP standards) to ensure that the best safety and health practices are always respected.

Our laboratory analyzes the quality of both raw materials and finished products at every stage of the manufacturing process. Every measure is taken to guarantee the quality of our products, right down to the last kibble!

Just-in-time at the right price

In addition to delivering a competitively priced product on time and to order, our determination to meet the high standards of importers, distributors and retailers is as unwavering as our quest for quality.

More than a promise, it’s a firm commitment.

Virtual Visit

Here’s a look at some of the strategic locations in our food manufacturing plant in Boucherville, Quebec. We are proud to open our doors to all our partners and customers. Welcome to our plant!

Aerial View

Our Head Office is linked to our plant, located at 1361 Graham-Bell Street in Boucherville, Québec.

Street View

This is the main entrance to our Head Office where several departments coexist, including Innovation & Strategy, Logistic, Engineering, Regulatory Affairs as well as all the production of dry foods.

Sanitary Block

All employees and visitors must ensure they wash their hands thoroughly and put on proper clothing before entering the plant. We follow strict sanitary protocols of the food industry.

Quality Control Laboratory

This is where rigor takes on its full meaning. The kibbles are analyzed by our experts at each step of the manufacturing process.

Ingredient Reception Checkpoint

At this control station, we perform visual inspections, sampling and unloading of bulk ingredients.

Fresh Meat Room

This area is reserved for processing the various raw ingredients (fresh meats) for the preparation of several recipes.

Raw Materials Area

Each recipe is unique, which is why at this control station, we ensure the accuracy of the quantities of ingredients.

Extrusion Area

This is where the kibble gets crafted (extrusion and drying).

Extrusion Area (alternative view)

Alternative view of the packing area.

Shipping Preparation Area

Depending on the country of destination, the packaging passes through our palletizing system in order to comply with export standards.


The finished products end up in our warehouse and are then shipped via different modes of transport (train, ocean liner and truck).