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PLB International is a family-run business, committed to quality at every level. Whether through its facilities, its products, or its external and internal partners, PLB International makes sure it has the best people on its side to bring its national and international projects and initiatives to fruition.

A career at PLB International means working as part of a dynamic, determined and qualified family, combining efforts to achieve a common goal and, among other things, taking on great challenges!

What We Have to Offer

At PLB International, the well-being and development of our employees are priorities that are promoted at various levels. Discover the various perks and benefits we offer!

Paid Leave

We offer you 6 days of paid medical leave, which are entirely refundable if they haven’t been used at the end of the year. Ideal for all those little unforeseen events that happen in our daily lives. Don’t we all need a little break from time to time?

Company Discounts

As a PLB employee, you can enjoy several interesting benefits: discounts on the pet food we produce, a corporate discount at a fitness center, discounts at a local shoe store, etc.

Free Parking

No parking meters, no parking stickers, no parking tickets! We have more than sufficient parking space available for your vehicle, located directly at our facilities.

Years of Service Recognition

At PLB, we are proud to celebrate the years of service of all the employees that are valued members of our family for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years! Gifts and surprises will most definitely be waiting for you!

Virtual Health

Got a sore throat? No problem, a medical team for you and your family is just a few clicks away on your PC or smartphone!


A few days at home, a few days at the office! Find your ideal balance where you can perform at your best!

Ongoing Training

On-going training: Continued learning and lifelong training is something we greatly value. What if we told you that the fees for those work-relevant courses you follow could be refunded? Great!


We know insurance is important to you and that’s why we offer you and your family a generous insurance plan that takes effect as soon as your 3rd month with us.

Summer Schedule

Here at PLB International, we love weekends that start early! You will be able to enjoy a summer work schedule all year long! Administrative position employees will be able to finish at 12h30 on Fridays!

Employee Referral Bonus

Employee referral bonus: You think you know that one-in-a-million employee and he or she would be simply ideal for one of our open job positions? Good news! If the candidate meets our criteria and is hired afterwards, you will receive an incentive award, which is our way of saying a big thank you for having referred to us an employee who is sure to become a valued member of our family.

Social Activities

All through the year, surprises entirely organised by employees for employees await you. With the purpose of creating and maintaining dynamic team spirit and employee relations in mind, the Social Club prepares several themed activities and special events, including a Christmas Party that’s always quite memorable!


Nothing better to start a day’s work than a delicious cup of hot brewed coffee. Oh, and did we mention it was free? It makes the taste even sweeter!

Nearby Public Transit

Public transportation nearby: Ever thought of leaving the car at home and start taking the bus so that you might finish that page-turner, read up on today’s news or simply make that jump to a more ecological way of transit? No problem! You can count on RTL bus lines 25, 123 and public taxi T89, which service the industrial district of Boucherville.

Employee Assistance Program

Overcoming hardships that occur during difficult periods are a part of life. With concern for her employees’ well being at heart, PLB offers a free and confidential employees assistance program. Whether you are seeking advice concerning family, financial, professional or legal issues, it is reassuring to know that help is always available.

Recognition Program

Several activities, entirely financed by the employer, are offered to you throughout the year. It’s our way of saying thanks for all your hard work! Amongst other notable events, you will be able to enjoy Values Day, the back to school BBQ, tasty Halloween treats, and the children’s Christmas party!

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

It’s never to late to start saving saving…That’s why we offer you the possibility of making contributions in an RRSP as soon as your first day.

Health Spending Account

We offer a health account that allows you to cover certain wellbeing expenses (medication, dental services, etc.)

Flexible Hours

Traffic, kids, unforeseen events, we’ve all been there! That’s why we offer you a flexible work schedule to start off you day…the right way.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan DPSP

Deferred profit sharing plan DPSP: Have you been dreaming of a financially secure future? We offer you a most generous deferred profit sharing plan. When you contribute 2.5% of your revenues, PLB commits to depositing in your retirement fund an additional 5% after your third year, which is calculated retroactively from your first day of work. Wow!

Company Supplied Uniform

PLB offers you, upon completion of your first 6 months of service, a complete work uniform and a generous allocation for the purchase of your work boots, safety glasses, molded ear plugs, etc.


Vacation: We know vacations are important! At PLB, we offer you a generous vacation program with a steady progress on a predetermined scale based on your years of service. The longer you stay with us…the more time you get for that exotic vacation you’ve been carefully planning!


Cafeteria: Well-equipped and friendly areas are at your disposal to unwind during breaks and meals. It’s a great place to get to know your coworkers and develop relationships!

What They’re Saying About Us

Find out what members of the PLB family like about their daily lives! Move your mouse over the photo to read their testimonials.

Stéphanie B.

Financial Controller

Julie S.

Marketing Innovation Coordinator

Frédérick T.

Senior Buyer

Marie-Line G.

Transport-Logistics Coordinator

Giovanna Y.

Customer Experience Coordinator

What We’re Looking for!

We are searching for exceptional talent that not only possesses the skills and expertise required for the job but also resonates with our core values. We believe that the success of our organization is deeply rooted in the collective dedication to these values, which guide our decisions and actions every day. We are committed to fostering a workplace where individuals with integrity, innovation, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence can thrive. If you share these values and passionate about making a positive impact, we invite you to explore opportunities with us and join our team in our pursuit of excellence. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create a work environment that is both rewarding and fulfilling.


We're curious about what's going on in the canine and feline world and in the dog and cat food manufacturing industry, but we're also curious about learning more about ourselves and the others we work with to optimize our efforts and, by extension, our results!


We welcome ideas that take us out of our comfort zone. All ideas are evaluated and considered. If that idea is not used today, it doesn’t mean there is no space for it in our future. Flexibility of thought is what we are all about.


At PLB International, in addition to having a qualified team in each of our departments, we are fortunate to work with people who are passionate about their work. This passion, combined with the unique qualifications of each individual, enables us to consistently climb to the highest heights.


At PLB International, it's important to know how to positively influence others, but also how to let yourself be influenced in choosing the most appropriate solutions and ideas for current situations.

Team Work

We work in harmony to achieve a common goal. All our departments and tasks form a coherent whole that leads to WOW results!

Unsolicited Applications and Students

Maybe we need you! You can register your interest in working with us at any time without an offer being posted. Just use the form below. 

We occasionally offer paid internships for vocational, college and university students, especially during the summer months. You’ll have the chance to work as part of a dynamic, close-knit team, and learn more about the pet food manufacturing industry. Let’s get to know each other!

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