Lily & Jax

Nourrish Good Times

It’s a Tribute to Your Most Faithful Companion: Your Lily or Your Jax.

Proudly designed in Boucherville, Quebec, our Lily & Jax Signature line features simple, tasty recipes made with ingredients from local producers. This line is distributed exclusively in grocery chains.

Without Compromise, at the Grocery Store

At Lily & Jax, we believe that every animal deserves ac complete, healthy and balanced diet, whatever its age. That’s why our recipes for cats and dogs are specially designed to accompany and nourish your companion throughout its life. We use fresh meat such as salmon, duck, turkey, chicken and lamb in our recipes. We also, we enrich our products with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain your pet’s good health.

We know that some animals have more sensitive stomachs, which is why we’ve eliminated corn, soy and wheat from our recipes. We source local ingredients from non-GMO agriculture to provide superior products for your pet.

We are proud to produce our pet foods locally and to carry the Aliments du Québec label on our products. You can rest assured that your pet is getting a healthy, nutritious diet, while supporting local agriculture. Discover our range of Lily & Jax products and offer your pet a high-quality diet that takes care of its health and well-being.

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