PLB International


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Our Facilities

The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at PLB International are among the most modern in the global industry.


A highly controlled environment

When it comes to food safety, we do not accept any compromise. This is what makes our reputation and enabling us to export our products worldwide.

From the beginning, a more controlled environment is set up to meet our high standards of quality and safety. Nobody can enter our facilities without the dress code and hygiene established by the HACCP principles. Subsequently, the extrusion process to the delivery of our products, and through bagging, palletizing and storage, many checkpoints are set up (HACCP) to us ensure that best practices for safety and health are always fulfilled.

Our laboratory analyzes the quality of raw materials and finished products at every stage of manufacturing. All measurements are taken into account to ensure the quality of our products until the last kibble!

Just in time for the right price

In addition to delivering a competitive priced product in compliance with the order and deadlines, our determination to meet the criteria of excellence importers, distributors and retailers is our unwavering quest for quality. More than a promise, it is a firm commitment.

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