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More than just cat and dog food.


Lily & Jax

It's a tribute to your most loyal companion: your Lily or your Jax.


They meet you at the door after work. They share your ups and downs. They follow you on your wildest adventures. And since they’re each so unique, we’ve created unique products, made of only the highest quality ingredients. Because the love of a Lily or a Jax deserves to be rewarded with the very best.

Lily & Jax bags


Fresh meat recipes

Our Lily & Jax Signature line distinguishes itself by its tasty recipes whose nutritional richness makes them suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Complete and balanced, these products are the simplest way to take care of your four-legged friends!

Since some animals have more sensitive digestive systems, we have left out corn, soy and wheat ingredients. We are proud to offer recipes that are crafted with GMO-free ingredients!

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Our commitment to quality

A quality product requires essential elements that PLB has combined to offer you the best results.

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