PLB International

Our culture

A family business with exceptional attention to your pets

A well-defined culture

At PLB International, we put forward an effective organizational mentality and adapted to our corporate style that is innovative and dynamic in its practices and ideas. In an atmosphere promoting the exchange and joint work, each person can find his place and will move actively and positively. Our mission, vision and values allow such personal and professional development of the individual, but also the evolution of the family business in itself.


Colleagues enjoying coffee at bistro area


Our Mission

To work as an international team dedicated to making high-quality, health-enhancing food for dogs and cats.

Our values shape our vision

The vision of PLB International is clear: to be the number-one choice for pet owners who care about the nutritional needs of their animal companions. With its mission and its five core values, this family business, which feeds cats and dogs in the world, manages to achieve its objectives and to offer all products and superior service.




I am responsive, open-minded, creative and efficient in addressing requests.



I deliver quality results by connecting and cooperating with co-workers throughout the organization and communicating effectively with all stakeholders.



I stand by my commitments. I apply the appropriate procedures in a thorough and consistent manner.



I do my part to maintain a pleasant and harmonious work environment.

Orientation client


I take my job to heart. I assume responsibility for my actions and my decisions.

Engaged and Responsible

One of the challenges we face on a daily basis is finding solutions to innovate in our business practices and constantly improve our performance from a sustainability and accountability standpoint. From our suppliers to our distributors, we actively seek out partners who share this dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Greener and greener

When it comes to PLB International’s product lines, we are keenly aware of the importance of embracing environmentally friendly practices. From our 100% compostable cat litter bags made from all-recycled materials to our efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the paper content in our packaging, we strive to constantly improve our practices – and this guides us in all of our decisions.

Supporting our community

At PLB International, we encourage local businesses that specialize in quality products and services and spearhead initiatives that drive the local economy. As a family-run business, we have lent our support to several charities for over 20 years, including animal shelters and SPCA branches throughout Quebec. Discover our shelters