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PLB helping local shelters

Since 1992, PLB International enjoyed supporting animal shelters. Over the years, we have teamed up with many key shelters who are dedicated to looking after the animals entrusted to their care and, wherever possible, finding them suitable adoptive homes.


Most of these animals are lost or strays, but some are the victims of neglect or abandonment. When they arrive at one of these facilities, they are placed in quarantine and given a thorough medical examination to make sure they do not pass anything harmful on to the other occupants. They are then vaccinated, dewormed and spayed or neutered in an effort to prevent overpopulation.

“According to the Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec, there are some 300,000 cats and dogs in the province that have not been spayed or neutered. When you consider that one unfixed male/female pair of cats and their subsequent offspring can produce 20,000 kittens in just four years, and a pair of dogs can potentially yield 4,000 puppies in seven years, you start to grasp the magnitude of the problem.”  (Source)

Unfortunately, given the sheer number of stray animals these shelters take in, more than 25,000 dogs and cats must be euthanized in any given year. The decision to become a pet owner is one that should always be taken very seriously to prevent subsequent abandonment. Adopting an animal that needs a home is a preferred option to purchasing one from a pet store or an individual seller.

PLB International is engaged to support the SPA de l’Estrie, Proanima, SPA Thetford Mines, SPA Arthabaska, SPA Beauce-Etchemin, etc. We provide a supply of 1st Choice Nutrition food to these shelters to ensure their dogs and cats eat well – their first line of defense in dealing with the stress of the pre-adoption process.