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July 26 2021
Protégez-Vous 2021 | Excellent results!

To assist consumers in their food choices, Protégez-Vous magazine evaluated a large number of adult dog foods. A panel of experts, including an agronomist, an Animal Bioscience professor and a veterinary researcher, analyzed the nutritional quality of 296 non-specialized adult dog foods. You may consult the full report in the July 2021 issue.

We are proud to say that all Pronature Original recipes tested have received "Good Choice" ratings! The evaluation criteria were protein quality, fat quality, good quality/price ratio, and label transparency.

  • PRONATURE ORIGINAL - Chicken with Oatmeal Recipe - all breeds (adult)
  • PRONATURE ORIGINAL - Chicken with Oatmeal Recipe - large breed (adult)
  • PRONATURE ORIGINAL - Lamb with Peas & Barley recipe - all breeds (adult)

PLB International is pleased with its Canadian products’ positive results!

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