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Our core DNA values!
May 15 2018
Our core DNA values!

PLB International has developed around a clear mission and concrete values. These values determine a unique and effective organizational mentality in which each employee can actively find their place in a positive way. They are asked to act collectively to achieve a common goal and gain a sense of personal and professional accomplishment.

The mission

PLB International gave itself the mission to work as an international team dedicated to making high-quality, health-enhancing food for cats and dogs.

In order to achieve this mission, the whole team collaborated in defining a few key determinant values. These values were shared and discussed at employee meetings to make sure that everyone recognizes and adheres to them. Here are the 5 values that help us reach our goals.

  • Agility

I am responsive, open-minded, creative and efficient in addressing requests.

  • Collaboration

I deliver quality results by connecting and cooperating with co-workers throughout the organization and communicating effectively with all stakeholders.

  • Rigour 

​​I stand by my commitments. I apply the appropriate procedures in a thorough and consistent manner.

  • Enjoyment

I do my part to maintain a pleasant and harmonious work environment.

  • Accountability

I take my job to heart. I assume responsibility for my actions and my decisions

Valeurs PLB

Valeurs PLBValeurs PLB

PLB is proud of these core values. To ensure that they inspire us daily, they have been placed in prominent places in all the buildings of the company :

  • Each meeting room is named after a value ;


  • Decals of sentences describing each of these values are also placed on a few key walls in every buildings : receptions, meeting rooms, staff common rooms and some offices.


These small visual reminders allow us to keep these values in mind and help us create an atmosphere promoting exchanges and teamwork.

Values are also discussed regularly during quarterly meetings and employee’s performance assessment. In addition, they taint the quality of the relationships we have with our partners.

By embodying these values in our work and interpersonal relationships, we make sure to always deliver high quality products and exceptional service!