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PLB reduces its energy consumption and carbon footprint
June 20 2022
PLB reduces its energy consumption and carbon footprint

An energy analysis, financed in part by the “Fonds Écoleader, has enabled PLB to identify priority strategies for reaching its goals: reducing energy costs, modernizing production processes, and improving food quality.  

The action plan towards energy reduction objectives was developed with PG Énergie, a firm of energy efficiency and building mechanics experts. The drying, packaging and extrusion equipment’s performance was analyzed. These key operations represent 80% of PLBs total natural gas consumption. The goal is to reduce natural gas dependency to make way for dual energy. 

Completed projects: 

  • LED lights replace all plant and office lighting. 

  • Acquisition of new robots in the packaging area modernizing the plant. 

  • Acquisition of a vapor recovery system and corrections to the compressed air piping system. 

Upcoming projects: 

  • Acquisition of a dual-energy boiler and a new generation dryer. 

  • Acquisition of new production tools consuming less energy. 

The recent modifications have already reduced electricity consumption by 400,000kWh/year. Once all the strategies proposed in the action plan are implemented, PLB will benefit from substantial savings, increase its performance, and significantly improve its environmental footprint 

For more information, you can read the following article (French version only):