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The COVID-19 effect
June 18 2020
The COVID-19 effect

When isolation rhymes with connection

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges us daily to adapt to this unexpected reality, find solutions to new problems, and make sure that our safety measures remain effective. We are genuinely pleased and proud to confirm that to this day, none of our employees has caught the coronavirus and that we continue to produce and distribute our pet food!

After several months of adaptive measures, it is time to pause and observe the pandemic effect on PLB. More than just economical, this crisis touches the human dimension of our company! Physical distancing and containment measures imposed by health authorities have precipitated many of us into teleworking. Despite the isolation, we have found solutions to maintain contact and communicate effectively with our colleagues and worldwide partners.

Surprisingly, we feel very close to each other and observe within the PLB family staff members a noticeable solidarity demonstrated both locally and internationally. In these difficult times, we all seek connection and bonding human contacts.

The long-hoped-for gradual deconfinement is now slowly beginning. At PLB, we are following the situation closely, and we will maintain the established safety measures as long as they are necessary. More than ever, let's stick together and keep it safe. We will get through this, one day at a time.