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A chef at home
December 18 2015
A chef at home

It is with great pride that we offer you this wonderful contest for the launch of our new International Diets Pronature Holistic grain free.

What more selfless love is there than our love for our pets, and our pets for us? Our beloved companions are a reflection of our truest selves, freed from inhibition and fuelled by joy.The pleasure and satisfaction that comes from eating well is as animal as it is human - and as vital a source of energy, health and precious longevity. Is there any greater motivation for nourishing our loyal friends, as we nourish ourselves, with the most delicious global diets the world can offer? 

Try our new formulas named Nordikö, Mediterranéa or Asiatò and take the opportunity to register for our contest "A chef at home." More than 30 prizes, including a gourmet dinner for four straight at home, a $ 500 value. You have until March 10 to try your luck!

To participate, register HERE (only in french).