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Protégez-Vous Test | Excellent scores including three "Best Picks" mentions!
September 8 2020
Protégez-Vous Test | Excellent scores including three "Best Picks" mentions!

Protégez-Vous magazine ranks our products among the best dry cat foods!

PLB International products are in the limelight of the Protégez-Vous magazine’s August issue! A panel of experts, made up of agronomists, a researcher in animal nutrition and metabolism and a veterinarian, analyzed the nutritional quality of 180 varieties of non-specialized kibble for adult cats.

The 11 eligible formulas of PLB were evaluated and all obtained excellent results, outlining ingredient quality, nutritional balance, and labeling transparency. Thanks to their high scores on all criteria, all our foods are recommended by the panel of experts:

  • 1ST CHOICE – Indoor Vitality and Finicky
  • PRONATURE ORIGINAL – Chicken Recipe and Chicken Recipe with Lamb
  • PRONATURE LIFE – Chill,  Fit and Infiniti
  • PRONATURE HOLISTIC – Asiatò, Mediterranéa, Nordikö and Duck à l'Orange

Three of our formulas rank among the top products evaluated, obtaining the "Best Pick" rating. In the indoor cat food category is the 1st Choice Indoor Vitality formula and in the outdoor cat category are the 1ST Choice Finicky formula and Pronature Holistic Duck à l’Orange formula.

PLB International is proud to see its Canadian products recognized in this prestigious ranking!

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