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1st Choice website launch in Poland
July 3 2018
1st Choice website launch in Poland

As part of the modernization of our digital infrastructures at PLB International, a new web platform has been deployed to adapt the website to the language of our partners' market.

This platform enables our partners to access a 100% cloud-based solution and translate the content that applies to their country and market. It is therefore much easier and user-friendly to quickly deploy a website without having to mobilize heavy resources as most Web projects require.

We are proud to present the 1st Choice website ( from our partner in Poland. Polish consumers now have access to a modern and adaptive site on all device types (mobile phones, tablets and computers). The new website facilitates and simplifies access to information of our product sheets, ingredients, daily rations in addition to offering a list of all retailer locations throughout Poland.

Congratulations to our partner for a job well done!