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Join the PLB family!

Why choose us?

The success of our company is due to many factors, but especially to the dynamic involvement of our team and the people who are part of it.


Office colleagues - Marketing


Because you have what we’re looking for

When selecting our future associates, we look for individual attributes that are a natural fit with these ideals. Blended together, the qualities and talents of each and every member of our staff are the ingredients for a winning recipe!



We have a profound interest in all things canine and feline, as well as the latest developments in the pet food manufacturing industry. Beyond that, we are compelled to learn more about ourselves and the people we collaborate with in order to optimize our efforts and take our performance to new heights.



We recognize the importance of having a positive influence on other people, as well as being open to alternative solutions and ideas that are best suited to the circumstances at hand.

Ouverture d'esprit


We embrace the new and the different – and relish the chance to move outside our comfort zone. We believe that every idea has value and relevance and warrants due consideration. It is equally vital, however, to be able to step back when a better solution is brought to the table – and wait for the next time.



We are fortunate to have a highly skilled group of professionals on staff in each of our departments and to be able to work with people who are passionate about what they do. It is their spirit of determination, coupled with their unique skill sets, that makes it possible to keep pushing the envelope and achieve excellence.

Travail d'équipe


We work together in harmony toward a common purpose. Every unit and every task comes together to form a cohesive whole and generate WOW-worthy results.


Benefits that meet, and exceed, your expectations

At PLB International, we are firm believers in the importance of employee wellness and engagement. We promote both in a variety of ways.

We enthusiastically support you in your efforts to balance your personal and professional life, with initiatives such as:
  • - An extended summer schedule
  • - Flexible work hours
  • - An employee-friendly sick leave policy
  • - Paid personal days off
  • - A generous vacation package.
Compensation at PLB International is determined by two factors:
  • - Based on required qualifications, level of responsibility and experience
  • - Based on employee performance:
    Our annual appraisal process is an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue between employees and their managers on how they can contribute optimally to the company’s objectives. The aim of our performance management program is not only to acknowledge individual efforts to promote PLB International’s growth and development, but also to encourage employees’ career advancement within the organization.
We provide a group insurance plan to employees and their families.
At PLB International, we are committed to our employees’ professional development. Any new knowledge and skills they acquire inevitably have a positive impact on individual and organizational performance. Bearing this in mind, we:
  • - Reimburse the tuition for select education programs
  • - Provide seminars and workshops designed to enhance team output.
  • - Group RRSP/DPSP plan, including a percentage-based employer contribution according to salary level
  • - Recognition of employees’ service milestones and on-the-job excellence: acknowledging achievements such as these can be a particularly powerful source of motivation
  • - Employee discount on the products we make
  • - Corporate rates at fitness and sports facilities
  • - On-site massage therapy services
  • - Referral program
  • - Wide range of activities organized by the company’s social club, including a spectacular holiday party for employees and their loved-ones
  • - Employee assistance program 
  • - Free coffee!