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Pronature Holistic - Grain Free

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Pronature Holistic - Grain Free

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic diets, each is a combination of the freshest healthiest ingredients. It's global love of eating in a bowl. Each embodies generations of traditional wisdom at its core. Which is best for your pet? Mediterranéa, Asiatò or Nordikö? 

Pronature Holistic - Grain Free

Why grain free and single source of protein?

Because you know your pet!

While domesticated animals have evolved to eat many of the same foods we do, individual pets may still have trouble efficiently digesting grains. Pronature Holistic Grain Free uses a single source of protein so you know that your pet enjoys high quality ingredients.

Inspired by International Healthiest Diest

When we crafted our Mediterranéa, Asiatò or Nordikö formulas, we:

  • carefully selected fresh meat or fish as the single source of protein;
  • Packed various vitamins, antioxidants & esential minerals promoting a strong immune system and longevity;
  • Combined appetizing hearty root vegetables, delicious fruits and herbs providing your pet with a balanced diet;
  • The best in natural ingredients: our recipes contain no by-products or artificial flavourings or colourings.


Inspired by the Asian diet and the philosophies that guide it, Asiatò is a formula embraced by humans and pets who value harmony and peace.


The traditional Mediterranean diet is one of the world's most famous healthy diets. Rich variety of colourful fresh vegetables and fruit - it's like a plateful of sunshine!


Inspired by the clean Nordic diet, with locally sourced goodness, grown and harvested far from urban pollution. It's simple food, simply prepared – a formula in harmony with nature.

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