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Pronature Holistic

Quality is our number-one priority when it comes to preparing our recipes, using the finest ingredients inspired by Mother Nature herself. Today’s pets don’t have the same lifestyle as dogs and cats did a hundred years ago. Their nutritional needs must be adjusted to reflect modern realities. That is why every bite of Pronature Holistic contains fresh meat and a succulent blend of fruit, vegetables and organic herbs and spices.

Pronature Holistic

Catering to your pet’s lifestyle

The times are changing …

These days, there are plenty of ways of looking at animal nutrition. At Pronature Holistic, we believe that cats and dogs are an integral part of the family unit and deserved to be treated as such. The Pronature Holistic philosophy is therefore simple: be attentive to the needs of today’s pets.

Your pet’s diet should reflect their actual lifestyle. We have made it our mission to facilitate pet owners’ choices and make them aware of their animals’ requirements by providing them with balanced, premium-quality products made with fresh, natural, organic ingredients.

Simply the best

When we make our gourmet meals for your pet, quality is always first and foremost. That is why every morsel of Pronature Holistic contains:

  • Carefully selected fresh meat as the first ingredient
  • Varied sources of protein to optimize the intake of amino acids essential to promoting health, a strong immune system and longevity
  • An appetizing combination of fruit, vegetables and organic herbs and spices, providing your pet with all the nutrients they need
  • The best in natural ingredients: our recipes contain no by-products or artificial flavourings or colourings.

A balanced diet

Each Pronature Holistic recipe is inspired by the food guides in the world. We offer balanced products that meet the needs of our animals and their new lifestyle.

In the natural

A delicious blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs that provides all the nutrients your pet needs.

Fresh ingredients

Feeding your pet with a healthy diet made from carefully selected ingredients is the greatest sign of love there is. The way you feed your pet has a major impact on his health and wellness.

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